October 4

We had so much fun making turkeys today!  We read Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving and then the kids got to make their own turkey.  They had to cut out the body and glue on the feathers and beak.  Then they came to me with the hot glue gun to have googly eyes put on.  The kids also got to have both gym and music today.  They are bringing home a few things in their backpacks.  The first is the October book order which will be due October 12.  The second is a Walk-A-Thon form.  This is a school wide fundraiser that we do every fall.  The kids get pledges to walk and the whole school will be walking together to complete it.  The donations are completely voluntary, if you would like to donate please fill out the form and send it back with your child.  The walking permission forms were in your start up package at the start of the year.  If you filled out all those forms and sent them back then we should have the permission form for your child.  The kindys will be doing a bit of a shorter walk than the rest of the school.  I am still waiting for one box of book orders which I am hoping will come tomorrow!  Have a great Thanksgiving weekend:)

Ms. New