3-Ellis Tuesday, October 3rd

Hi families; wow! She does love to change her seasons! It's Mother Earth's routine; green to brown, brown to white then white back into green; she changes clothes and puts on something clean. And she has reasons, for changing seasons; you have to change to grow. You have to change to grow. 

And what a change of seasons. Thanks for always dressing for the weather and being prepared for, well, almost anything! Way to go Wolves!!

We will have our annual Westmount Walk-Athon on Friday, October 13th. Info and pledge forms went home today. All funds raised go towards the school by purchasing cool supplies, largely for our amazing Outdoor Education Programs; something that all of kids will benefit from. Please join us for the walk on that day, if you would like to!

Thank you for everyones amazing Terry Fox contributions. We raised more then 200 dollars. To be exact, we raised 268.00, as one classroom group! Yeh Wolves!!

Regarding academics; 

Literacy; we have now embarked on our Word Work, and we all have specified word work lists (spelling is what they called it when I was a kid ; ).  All kids should know their level, which we colour code. I will attach these lists to our blog in the near future so you can access them and study at home if you wish. If you prefer a paper copy, let me know. We also began our first novel study today. This will spill over into our Work On Writing domain. 

Math; we continue our focus into place value. We are pictorally carrying over our ones to tens (when we have more than 9 ones); and our tens to hundreds (when we have more than 9 tens). Later on, we will re-visit how we do this on paper when writing numbers. For now it's a visual process so we UNDERSTAND why we do it that way. When I was a kid, I was just taught how to do it, but they didn't bother teaching  us, why they do it, which is a critical point. We have also briefly dabbled with money, while totalling up Terry Fox $'s and we aligned our place values while we added. 

SS; mapping. Kids, what's a map legend? What is a map key? We've been doing some mapping and we have been making symbols for our map key. 

Science; everything I know about bees right now. Then, everything WE know about bees collectively as a class of students. And eventually, what have I learned about bees since the start of the year. We'll be buzzing in and out of this topic all year long! 

Remember, it is a four day weekend coming up. There is no school on Friday! 

Have a great evening. Time to go out and enjoy the sunshine, again (while building a snowman)!