October 3

Hi everyone!  The internet was not working great yesterday so I was unable to blog.  So this is kind of for both classes!  The past 2 days we have worked on learning Mat Man.  Mat man is the very beginning of the printing program where the kids learn how to draw a person.  We listened to a song and built mat man with large pieces on the floor.  Then we listened to the song again and built him on paper using crayons to draw.  Your homework for this week and for the long weekend is to have your child practice drawing mat man.  He should have a circle for a head, eyes and nose.  He has a rectangle for a body and skinny rectangles for arms and legs.  He should have ears, hands and feet and we also added hair.  The mat man song is on itunes under learning without tears.  If you would like, purchase just that song and play it for your child while they practice drawing.  Some of the book orders came in and were sent home today.  It was a very large order this month so all the books were mailed in multiple boxes.  We are still waiting for some of the boxes so when they arrive we will send them home with your child.  October book orders will be coming home soon.  We also made number one crowns today!  We learned about the number 1 and the kids had to cut and glue their crown together all on their own.  They did a great job for our first time using scissors!  Have a great night:)

Ms. New