Weekly Update for Oct 2-5

Hello Parents of 4C!


Can you believe it is October? That may have been the fastest paced September of my life! I had a great weekend of coaching volleyball, listening to my Saskatchewan Roughriders beat the Redblacks, and watching my son start to build his confidence with walking. Actually, I think staggering would be a more accurate description for him at this point, but he is coming along!


Here is a look at the week ahead


  • First day of SPARKS for students.


  • Cross country running practice - all grade 4’s are welcome!


  • OH Ranch trip


  • Thanksgiving long weekend - No school for students and their teacher!


Reminders and “Need to Know”

  • Our OH Ranch trip will be on October 5th. If you would like to join us for this as a volunteer, please let me know by sending me an email. We have 5 so far, which is enough, but if you would like to come, please do!


Here is a look at the week in academics


Language arts

  • We will be learning new comprehension strategies to focus on this week in daily 5.

  • The students worked on a writing piece all last week, and then self assessed based on the criteria that we set for what makes mastery, proficient, acceptable, and beginning writing. I looked at their work and their assessments and will be giving them my feedback on their piece. This week we will do a similar task with writing, so they will have a chance to use the feedback and make improvements.

How can I help as a parent?

  • I believe that the number one way for you to help as a parent with your child’s reading and writing is to read with them at home. The students should be reading for at least 20 minutes each night and the more you can read with them and model how you read, the better it is for them.

  • Talk with your child about their writing piece from last week. Ask them what they are going to focus on this week to make their writing even better.



  • We will continue on the waste in our world track this week.

  • Students will look closely at recycling, and the use of packaging in our world.

How can I help as a parent?

  • Ask them about the benefits and drawbacks of different kinds of packaging.

  • Ask them their thoughts on recycling, and the way that it is done in our community.



  • We have gotten underway with addition and subtraction. We will have a pretest for this outcome in the near future.

  • We will be doing one more visual journal assessment for place value. Students will need to represent a number in different ways, and show their understanding of numbers.

How can I help as a parent?

  • Practice adding and subtracting with regrouping with your child.


Social Studies

  • We will have a whole day to focus on each student's chosen area of interest this week. Mrs. Macijewski’s Western focus group is headed out to a ranch on Tuesday to learn about the stories behind their brand. Mrs. England and I will be on site, or near by, diving deeply into our own interests groups stories.

How can I help as a parent?

  • Talk with your child about why they feel that stories are important for preserving and building culture.


That is about all for this week!


Have a great rest of your weekend!  I hope you all have your watermelons ready to be worn on your heads for the Roughrider game today!  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.



So long for now,

Graham Campbell