Grade 1 Mayer

Hello Parents,

Important information home today.  There is the new leader calendar with the student's names.  If your child is not in October, they will carry on into November. The leader of the day is responsible for classroom duties, calendar and bringing a show and share item. This month the item is something of their choosing but only one item. Your child should be able to relate three things about this item. For example:  who they received it from, why it is special to them, where they play with it, etc.  Each month, the “Show and Share” item will change. The calendar each month will state what the new item is.  It will also be posted on the blog. 


Sight Words for this reporting period are also included. Only the pre-primer words will be tested at the end of November.

Picture orders due October 3rd.

Important Note From Administration

Hello Grade 1 families.  This is a message to let you know that our enrolment is higher than we anticipated so we have been allotted an increase in teacher staffing to support student learning.  Grade 1 classes will be receiving additional support for literacy and numeracy learning. We will be adding a part time teacher to the team.  Interviews will be the beginning of next week and we are hoping to be able to shift into smaller learning groups by the end of the week.  There will be 3 grade 1 teachers from 8:40 until 1:30 each day.  Some children from each of Mrs. Mayer’s and Mrs. Parisien’s classes will be regrouped into our new class for this time.  At 1:00, when students return to class after lunch recess, the new teacher will transition her/his class back to the two classes for science and social studies. 

I will keep you informed next week as we create this structure.  We will not be taking parent requests for how to group children.  All children will be well supported as we learn a new routine that will allow us smaller class size for the next 9 months of the school year.

Thank you for your patience as we settle into a new year.  We are excited to be able to have our grade 1 students learning in smaller groups during literacy and numeracy time.

Cynthia Glaicar

Principal – Westmount School