3-Ellis Tuesday Sept. 26th

Hello families!  What a perfect day for the Terry Fox Run / Walk. We had a great afternoon run / walk followed by fun time in the school field and playground. Thank you for all of your donations. We will total up tomorrow, and your kids will tell you our classroom total. Thanks again. I ran for my brother Dan and for my mom. 

A couple of reminders; 1) spill proof water containers please so the kids can have water with them all day long, even at the table while they are working. They are not "a must", BUT, they are the only ones we allow at the tables while we are working. We've had more then just a few soakers, which soaks everything that might happen to be on the table, and sometimes our laps too. Thank you.   

2) Dress for the weather. We are a school that has an "outdoor focus", and we live in Canada and thus need to dress as such. Even if it's raining, blowing, snowing and -20 C, we typically still go outside for our two recesses. We need the fresh air and we operate way better when we've had a chance to get "outthere". So, be prepared. If rain is in the forecast, then bring a rain coat and hat. Thank you. 

EQUINOX - slam dunk! You guys got it. Equal daylight and equal darkness, cuts the 24 hour cycle into two halves of exactly 12 hours each. It happens twice a year. 

Math - sequence counting by 3 this week. Memorize that sequence. Try to do it WITHOUT a numbers chart. Can you go to 24? How about 36? Can you split an even number in half? Even a big one like 222? or 500? or 600 or 700 or 800 or 900? Can you double a number? Is that like multiplication? What is a fraction? Still working on place value too. 

Literacy - we got our spelling lists today. Mr. Ellis said we all did well; so he will start all of us on GREEN words. If we "PROVE" that these words are too easy, we will bump up a level. If we prove that these words are too challenging, we will bump down. 

Science - Jacklyn from CPAWS was in again on Monday to wrap up our field trip lessons. We were identifying the different groups within the Animal Kingdom, and reviewing local Alberta species at risk. We also learned about ALL living organisms, and we know that we can "classify" all living organisms into one of five kingdoms. Can you name them or describe them? 

We have another treat tomorrow, but Mr. Ellis is keeping us in suspense. Stay tuned to the blog!