3-Ellis for Friday, September 22

Sorry for the be-lated blog. Technical issues. 

So, what was significant about Friday? What does "equinox" mean? Did you find out?  What is 24 divided by 2 (what is half of 24)? 

Remember your toonie for Terry (or more if you can).  Terry Fox run is on Tuesday afternoon. Who is Terry and what did he accomplish?

ELA - what does punctuation mean? Remember to write in full sentences that begin with capitals and end with periods. We did a spelling assessment (what does that big word mean) this week which will tell us what level of spelling we will be working on (red, yellow, green or blue). 

Math - know your place values. What happens when you have 12 ones?  What happens when you have 12 tens? Also review your clockwork. What do we mean when we say "half past 10"?  or  8:55?  Can you say that using different words?  Understand your analog clocks too. 

Science - what do you know about bees. Be (bee?) ready for Jacklyn from CPAWS on Monday. I think she will bee asking us this question.  What are the four elements of habitat that an animal needs to survive? What causes these elements to not be there? 

SS - review the meaning of latitude, longitude, equator, hemisphere, compass rose, medial and cardinal directions. What is a map legend or key?

Health - what is this difference between physical health and mental health? Can you explain how the chain reaction happens when you are mad? Can you reverse it, so it goes in another direction? 

Enjoy your weekend.  See you on Monday!