Classroom jobs

Hi everyone!  One more blog today!  This one is about a few specific volunteers I would like to ask for.  I am looking for a parent who loves to make playdough!  If there is someone who would volunteer to make playdough for our classes that would be amazing.  I would potentially like a new batch every month as it gets old and dried out.  Playdough is a great way to strenghten fine motor skills for drawing and printing.  We also use it to form letters, numbers and words!  If you are willing to do this please email me.  I am also looking for someone who is willing to go to the bottle depot every once in awhile (maybe once a month depending on how much we collect).  I have told the kids that we are going to save all of our drink containers to return for money, then with the money I will purchase toys, games, books, resources for our class!  This is a great little fundraiser as the money really adds up and it something the kids are really a part of.  Also, the band room across the hall is donating all of their drink containers so we will get quite the collection.  If you are willing to make some trips to the bottle depot for us throughout the year please email me.  Thanks so much for your support in all of this!


Ms. New