3W Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Hello Parents/Guardians,

It was nice to see many of you last night at Meet the Teacher!  Thank you for stopping by. We rotate on a day 1-6 schedule for music, gym, library etc. When I can, I post the Day to the blog. We have library on Day 3s. 

Here are a few reminders for the week:

Monday, September 25  (Day 1) is our final in-class visit from CPAWS. Our class will have a presentation at 8:45, so please ensure your child is on time for school so they do not miss the learning! We have used this CPAWS learning experience to kick start our unit on Animal Life Cycyles in Science. 

Our Terry Fox Run/Walk is coming up on Tuesday, September 26 (Day 2)!  Bring a toonie for Terry!  All pledges go towards Cancer research.  Pledge forms are being sent home IF you feel like asking for pledges.  There is also a link on the website to make online donations.  We will run/walk in the afternoon, don’t forget to dress for the weather and bring a water bottle! A note came home this past week. 

Wednesday, September 27th (Day 3) - We will have library and we will be exchanging for a new book. We also have a special guest coming to share free dictionaries with all of the Grade 3 students! These will be kept at school for learning but will belong to the students. 

Thursday - Day 4 

Friday (Day 5) - All Fridays will be Hot Dog Fridays (unless there is a PD day, then there will be Hot Dog Thusrday!).   ​Scholastic Book Orders for September came home. If you wish to order, please send orders to me by Sep. 29.  

Orange Shirt Day will be celebrated on September 29th this year.  This event is to honour the survivors and lost children of residential schools. We would like to see all of our students wearing Orange Shirts on this day. If you would like to order shirts ($10.00 each plus shipping) and learn more about the story here is the website.



WATER BOTTLES - Please send a water bottle to school with your child. 

HEADPHONES - If you have not sent headphones to school with your child yet, please do so as we require them for use on Raz Kids and other computer related tasks. 

Raz Kids - log in cards came home wiht your child on Thursday. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns. Please help ensure that your child is finding 3-4 days per week to access Raz Kids for approxiametly 20-30 minutes at a time. It is important that they listen, read and take the quiz for the book.

Enjoy your weekend,

Mrs. Wurz