We had an apple themed day today!  We read about Amelia Bedelia baking an apple pie, we made our own apple stories where the kids had to read and draw in the apples and we sponge painted apples that are hanging in the hallway!  I even had an apple apron to wear today.  The kids brought home their apple books.  They all read this book to me before they put it in their backpack and I told them they have to read it to mom or dad tonight!  Try to get them to point to the words as they read them.  Doing very easy, successful reading such as this helps the kids realize that they can read and encourages a love of learning to read.  Many told me they couldn't read before this activitiy and after they read it to me they said, "Wow!  I read that book!"  It was very exciting.  Don't forget to color in an apple on the September sheet when they read this to you.  It counts!  We also had reading buddies for the first time today.  This class has a grade 4 class for reading buddies!  Have a great night:)

Ms. New