3-Ellis for Tuesday, September 19

We had a fantastic day today. Thank you parent volunteers. We couldn't do this without YOU!!  In our field trip to Fish Creek our focus with CPAWS was on the five elements essential for living species to continue living (including humans). Your kids should be able to tell you those five elements. We also focused briefly on species at risk and we learned what often happens to a species to make it "at risk".  

Need to knows for the week ( and beyond);

1) Our Terry Fox walk/run will be next Tuesday.  Tomorrow, you will be receiving a note and pledge form. We are hoping that students will bring in donations in the following ways:

  1. Bring in a toonie for Terry
  2. Use the pledgeform and collect donations
  3. Use the school’s webpage (a link is provided ) to donate online

We will send out more information about the course, etc. by the end of the week!

2) In math we will begin a unit on Place Value. Please review some of those basics with your child. IE ones place, tens place, hundreds place and thousands place.

3) SS - continue with basic mapping skills, and of course know your continents and oceans.

4) Literacy - be able to arrange words in alphabetical order, and know your basic phonics. We just completed a spelling assessment which will help to determine the level of spelling your child will be working at. 

5) In Science we will review our basic animal kingdom groupings / classifications. 

Don't forget that meet the creature night (ops, I mean meet the teacher)  is this Thursday from 4:00 - 5:00. No appointment necessary. Just drop in and say hi if you wish, and allow your son or daughter to show off their new space. 

Hope to see you then, but if not, please feel free to stop by anytime after school. Or, book me for an appointment if you have something that you feel needs some time to discuss. 

Thank you.