Hello everyone!  Today learned about how to color.  Kids who can color inside the lines become kids who can print inside the lines!  So, today we learned about trying to stay inside the lines and about choosing the correct colors to match the picture.  The kids did amazing and are bringing home their picture to show you.  Coloring and printing require a great deal of fine motor strength.  Fine motor skills in children are improved just like anything else, with practice!  So this week try to have your child practice coloring a picture.  Encourage them to take their time and stay inside the lines as best they can.  This will help build their fine motor skills so that they are able to print later on.  We also went to library for the first time.  Your child got to pick one book to bring home and read.  Don't forget to color in an apple on the home reading sheet when you read it.  You may keep the book for one week.  I will try to let you know when our next library class is to make sure you return it.  When your child returns the book they get to pick a new one to bring home.  Just a reminder that book orders are due on Wednesday, if you would like to order anything.  Have a great night!

Ms. New