Friday, September 15th

3- Ellis ; We made it through the first full week of school. Ya! TGIF. That's an acronym. Here is our first things first for parents "need to knows". 

1) Field trip forms are all in. Thank you. I will call the four volunteers to let you know asap. 

2) Field trip is on Tuesday. Please check the info letter to make sure you have packed the proper supplies. We WILL NOT have access to running water, bathroom, microwaves etc. It'll be an outdoor "experience", for sure. I will pack toilet paper!  ; ) 

3) Parents please make sure your child has a spill proof container so they can hydrate all day. Anything that has a lid that has to be removed to take a drink is not spill-proof. Thank you. We've already had a number of accidents! 

4) Cub Cafe is open. Remember that on short weeks (4 day weeks) they do a Hot Dog Thursday. IF your child wants popcorn instead of chips, it'll cost an extra buck   IE thus $6.00.  

5) SS - know your continents and oceans. Know your lines of longitude and latitude and what the equator is and know your cardinal and medial directions. So, what is a compass rose anyway?? 

6) Science - CPAWS came in yesterday and introduced us to our field trip topic and our second science unit of the year. We are talking about animal life cycles and species at risk and we were introduced to the levels of risk. We also picked a species of "concern" to focus our attention to. We were interested in the bee. So, this weekend, find out everything you can find out about .......BEES! 

7) Math - our focus is still on clockwork. Know your analog clock and your basic measurements of time. 

8) Literacy - basics of writing a sentence. We have been ordering things into alphabetical order in preperation for our introduction to using the dictionary. Very soon we will all be gifted our very own dictionary from Mr. KIng and the Rotary Club. 

That about wraps it up. Have a great weekend. See you all on Monday!