Thursday, September 14

Good Morning 3W,

As of now we have one potential volunteer for our field trip on Monday. We REQUIRE four volunteers for the adult student ration that CPAWS insists on. If we do not have enough supervision, our class will not be able to attend. PLEASE, PLEASE email me or call me if you can come. I MUST have 4 by tomorrow. 

Every Friday is Hot Dog Friday at the Cub Cafe. $5 for hot dog, chips, drink. Orders must be placed with the classroom teacher in the morning. 

Our hike is Monday, September 18th, 2017.  We will be travelling by bus and will be leaving the school at about 8:50am and returning at approximately 3:00 pm on the day of our hike. It is imperative you’re your child is on time for school. Please ensure your child has a water bottle, sunscreen, an adequate bagged snack and lunch and appropriate outdoor shoes/clothing.  WARM CLOTHING is very important as we are OUTSIDE all day!! CPAWS asks that students bring a garbage-free lunch or pack out all of their own waste as there are no garbage receptacles available. Remember, Cub Café or microwavable lunches will not be an option. 

Thank you for sending in yellow sheets, office packets, and field trip money and forms! 

Mrs. Wurz