Tuesday, September 12th

Hi; this is our first official blog for 3-Ellis, other then the newsletter. Here are some "need to knows" for parents. 

1) Cub Cafe is now open. Lunch and snack orders need to be placed in the morning first thing. 

2) Information Booklets went home on Friday. Thanks for getting those back ASAP. 

3) CPAWS field trip permission forms went home yesterday. Please return those to me ASAP. CPAWS is firm on the number of parent volunteers. They want only four. Parent volunteers are selected on a first come first serve basis. I will notify all parents who offered to volunteer to let you know. The field trip for 3-Ellis is on Tuesday September 19th. They will come in to our class this Thursday for a pre-field trip presentation. Our topic is Animal Life Cycles and Species At Risk. 

4) As we learn about our rules, routines and procedures, we are slowly starting to get into content now. 

5) Social Studies ; know your continents and oceans. 

6) Science; understand that Science is about wonder, and curiosity and asking questions. We introduced Science by introducing or reviewing "great big words" such as inquiry, prediction, hypothesis, observation, measurable, fact vs opinion, classification, proof, evidence, data and experiment.

7) Math; we just touched on basic numeracy such as counting skills and quick math addition and subtraction facts that we hope were memorized by the end of grade two. We will extend that basic fact re-call soon. Our first unit in math we be on Place Value review. 

8) Literacy; we quickly reviewed our ABC's, our vowels, our consonants, basic site words, nouns and proper nouns and the use of phonics and other context strategies to figure out words that aren't in our "word memory bank". 

So, we are off to a great start with a great group of kids. Enjoy the rest of the week. Rain is in the forecast??  Finally.