Horsin’ Around Field Trip

For the field trip this TOMORROW, please remember to send a snack, water bottle and a lunch *unless you ordered hot dog lunch (if so please still send a snack and water bottle). Please do not send cub cafe orders or microwavable meals as we will be away from the school all day. It is essential that your child is on TIME for school.

*****PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD WEAR RUNNERS RATHER THAN SANDALS FOR THE PONY RIDE. (If your child owns cowboy boots, then that will also work well but please do NOT feel as though that is necessary). Dress is LAYERS for all types of weather.

If your child has a puffer please send it! If you are concerned about allergies please let me know.


-bug spray / sunscreen / hat

-water bottle

-lunch (unless you pre ordered the hot dog meal)

This was the information from the note that came home earlier:

For our year-end celebration, on Friday, June 23rd, the grade 3 classes will be going on a field trip to Horsin’ Around. Please inform us if your child has allergies or fears around larger animals, as there is a petting zoo and pony ride element to this activity. This activity will supplement our Science unit, Animal Life cycles. We will be travelling by school bus and we will be leaving the school at 9:15am, and returning at approximately 3:00 pm. The cost per child for this field trip is $20.00.This will cover the program cost as well as the bussing cost.

On this field trip a bagged lunch is necessary. However, there is also an option for students to receive a pre-ordered “Hot-Dog Lunch” that includes chips and a beverage, for $5.00 (cash only, please pay and order in advance). *ALL students will require a morning snack, and water bottle