Thursday June 22, 2017

Remember the field trip To Horsin around is tomorrow. Will will be leaving at approximately 9:15 and returning at around 3:00. Thank you to Liam’s Dad Steve, Kyran’s mom Pam, Tijana and Marija’s dad George and Kali’s dad Ryan for volunteering to come along. You can come in to school with your child or join us at around 9:00am if you wish. Thank you also to the other parents who volunteered, but were not needed to come along. Please make sure that your child has a morning snack and a water bottle, also a lunch if they have not pre-ordered the hot dog lunch.

Please make sure they are dressed in layers for the weather. Some activities will be inside an equestrian area and some will be outside. Also, running shoes with socks are appropriate for footwear. No sandals, flip flops or dress shoes please. A hat, sunblock and bug spray may also be handy. If your child is prone to allergies you may wish to give them something before hand or you may wish to tuck a Benadryl in their lunch kit, in case of itchy, watery eyes.

Students are bringing home their unused school supplies. They may have a couple of notebooks, duo-tangs and pencils to use for next year,but most supplies are depleted at this point.

It is Kali and Liam’s Birthday tomorrow. We will probably just have enough time to do Birthday Box for them before we head for the bus! Thank you to Kali who brought Tim Bits today to share.

We had a small walking field trip to my backyard for a Freezie to celebrate Aidan’s last day. We wish him a fun vacation as he leaves for Nova Scotia.

We will celebrate Canada next Tuesday and dress in red or white.

The Sports Day is on Monday morning for the Grade Three’s.

Mrs. Epp