Board Highlights - December 11

Board Highlights - December 11, 2019


The Board acknowledges the traditional territories of the peoples of Treaty 7 region in Southern Alberta and the Métis Nation of Alberta Region 3.


Board of Trustees Governance Performance Indicators

This item has been added to the Board Agenda and Minutes as a standing item.  Starting in January 2020 the Board will reflect on the Minutes of the previous meeting and highlight performance indicators in this section.


Presentation: Ecole Percy Pegler School

Principal Dinah VanDonzel and Vice Principal Christy Crowe shared a presentation around the school’s value and belief statements and the following strategic Education Plan Goals:

  • Engagement: How can we effectively communicate with the various stakeholders in our community to foster relationship?
  • Support: What is the impact of Cultural and Global Citizenship on supporting each learner to be reflective on their journey to develop resiliency and self-confidence (Social-Emotional Competency).
  • Success: How can the implementation of a universal comprehensive literacy block ensure that we are meeting the diverse needs of all of our students in the development of their fundamental literacy skills of reading and writing?


Presentation: Numeracy

Shelly Read, Curriculum and Instruction Facilitator, Numeracy presented “Numeracy and Mathematics: Engagement, Support and Success for Each Learner”.  The presentation covered actions that have been focuses on to advance system-wide stakeholder engagement:

  • Build meaningful relationships with all learners and communities
  • Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate
  • Leadership in stakeholder engagement
  • Community engagement opportunities
  • Amplify student voice
  • Parental involvement

Also addressed in the presentation was “Support for each Learner”:

  • Advance a system-wide continuum of supports at a universal, targeted classroom, targeted school-based, and individualized level
  • Advance a system-wide approach to purposefully use and apply evidence to inform learning and system improvement

Finally, the presentation spoke to “Success for each Learner”:

  • Advance a system-wide Numeracy Framework and Continuum
  • Advance a system-wide approach to developing and deepening learning outcomes and competencies
  • Advance a system-wide assessment, evaluation and reporting framework
  • Advance a system-wide approach to design learning and instruction for continuous growth and improvement, innovation and creativity


Annual Education Results Report (AERR) & Three-Year Education Plan

The combined Annual Education Results Report for the 2018/19 school year and the Three-Year Education Plan for 2019/22 was presented and approved by the Board.


Ratification of CUPE Agreement

The Board approved the Memorandum of Agreement with CUPE Local 5040 for the 2019/2020 school year.


Fall Budget Update & Budget Communication

The Board approved the Fall Budget Update as presented by Administration.  The communication to families about changes to the 2019/2020 school year budget is available online.



Budget 2020-2021 and 3-Year Education Plan Assurance Engagement Plan


Christopher Fuzessy, Superintendent of Schools, launched an engagement plan to ensure consultation occurs for the 2020-2021 Budget and the 3-Year Education Plan.  This is in alignment with the Government of Alberta Assurance model.



Public Announcements / Recognition / Division Highlights

  • Trustees thanked all staff, students, and volunteers for their effort and work in producing outstanding Christmas/Winter concerts throughout the Division.
  • Former Ecole Secondaire Highwood High School student, Kaitlin Ward was named as one of the top seven distinguished oralists at the Willms & Shier Environmental Law Moot in Toronto – congratulations!
  • Students at Ecole Senator Riley Middle School were journalists for a day.  They took over the Foothills School Division instagram account and shared behind the scenes stories of their school.