Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education at Westmount school is comprised of four different strands of outdoor learning available to our students.  They are... 

     1.  Outdoor Adventures - •Grade 4-6 Introductory “Spark” Option

                   •One morning within the regular 6 day cycle 
                   • includes Half day – full day – overnight trips

2. Outdoor Experiences - outdoor opportunitities through your child's PE program

                     Grade 3-6 PE Program

                  •Outdoor Games, Snow shoeing/XC skiing – day hikes, 6 – lake/pool kayaking, 5/6 outdoor camp

                     Grade 7-9 PE Option

                  •2/3 week units
                  •on/off campus learning + 1-2 day trips/unit
                  •Camping/hiking skills I/II, mountain biking I/II, kayaking/first aid, cross country skiing/snowshoeing, geocaching/orienteering

3. Outdoor Leadership - a Junior High Option Class

                • Grade 7-9 Option, 10-12 days off campus learning per term working towards multi day/night trips.
                  •Day Hiking, Backpacking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking – hostel based or ACC hut trips
                  •Stewardship days

4.  Hunter Education-  a Junior High Option Class

                       Grade 7-9 Option

                   •Students develop skills in archery, fishing, rifle-marksmanship, day hiking, species identification, etc.