Learning Commons

Welcome to OPAC!

We are delighted to announce Westmount's new Online Public Access Catalogue, otherwise known as OPAC!

OPAC is our new system for reserving books from our own Learning Commons. I will deliver student reserved books to their homeroom, or arrange a curb-side pick up for those that are online at home.

Each student will have a Learning Commons Code, which will be provided to their teacher and a library card will be printed out for each individual student. The password will be the same for every student, being Pass1630. You are unable to change your password, but please contact me if you have concerns or difficulties with your login. 

Student books can be taken home, and exchanged every 2 weeks.  Safety practices will be in place to ensure that the book(s) are in a sanitized condition when delivered to the student (patron), and all books will be quarantined prior to being shipped out to the next patron.

Students will be able to put a hold on the books they would like to read, so please return the books to Westmount School in a timely manner so that the next student may have the book.  For those students within Westmount classrooms, you may deliver your returns to your classroom.  To those working online from home, there will be a curb side drop off on select days (TBD).

Your link to the Westmount Learning Commons OPAC homepage is https://library.fsd38.ab.ca/Library/Home. Choose Westmount School in the drop down box on the top left hand side of the screen. Login using your pass code provided to you and use the password Pass1630.



Snow Flake ... My Pretty Little Snow Flake ...

It's that time of year again!  The MOST wonderful TIME of the YEAR!

As always, I need my Westmount Elves to make snowflakes for the Learning Commons!  Please bring any homemade snowflakes to school and I will gather them up when I am in your classrooms.  The snowflakes always make the LComm feel so festive - Thank you in advance! 


Calling all Local Authors!

I am finding more and more authors within our Westmount families and the Okotoks Community!  Thank you, local authors, for modeling so many aspects of literature; such as, your enjoyment of reading, your creativity and your perseverance. If you have written a book that would be appropriate for Staff or Grades K-9, we would love a donated copy to have on hand for our Wolf Pack.  We have avid readers and hopefully our support to you as local authors will help others hear of your pieces of literature.  #westmountreads


Thank you Wolf Pack for participating in the Book Fair :)

Although it was different, we had a wonderfully exciting week with the Book Fair.  Photo contests, prizes, new titles and some purchases.  As a school we enjoyed the fun and have great memories of how creativity has become a positive take away during this odd time.

An update from the Learning Commons .... As you know, our students have not yet been able to visit our Learning Commons as a class.  However, each week I am thrilled to visit the classrooms to read.  Ask your student about the book that we read this week!  Ask them about the story and what they like or don't like about the book.

Also, classroom libraries continue to be available for in-class reading.  However, I am currently working on a new program to allow the students to "reserve" books, which I will then deliver to them personally in their classroms.  Students will be able to take the books home and we will be a bit closer to feeling "normal" about signing out great reads from our LComm.  I hope to have this program  (OPAC) up and running in January 2021.  If all goes well, one by one, our wolves will be able to view Westmount Learning Commons selection of books and reserve their copy :)

As always, please contact me directly at johnstons@fsd38.ab.ca for questions, concerns or CREATIVE SUGGESTIONS on serving your child's literacy interests.  

Watch our Instagram posts (@westmountfsd) and follow the newsletter to discover Westmount School news, including what's happening in the Learning Commons with Mrs. Johnston :)

Take care, Mrs. Johnston

Scholastic Book Fair has Come to Westmount School!  Monday October 19 to Friday October 23!

Wolfpack!  Our Scholastic Book Fair has been set up in our hallways and this week will be a fun filled!!

Our Book Fair Looks Different This Year:

  • Students will have tours to look at our 2020/21 Scholastic Collection. Tours will start on Monday, and will correspond with your classroom Library Time.  We will be looking at the books, however we will not be able to touch the books.  We want to keep our Westmount Families safe.
  • Online Shopping!  The best invention since "sliced bread" ... snuggle up with your student for a NEW Virtual shopping experience with Scholastic!  Click this LINK for virtual shopping ... But wait .... Order on WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 21 BETWEEN 6PM-8PM FOR FREE SHIPPING!
  • This book fair is intended to put the books into your child's hands...now or for a birthday or another celebration. If you are unable to purchase a book at this time then guess what? The Learning Commons has lots of books for your child to access in their classroom!
  • We have contests and prizes this year!! From Monday to Friday (October 19-23) watch  Westmount Instagram @westmountfsd for the contest of the day AND the prize of the day!!  To see the daily challenges, click here!
  • Free shipping on any virtual orders placed on Wednesday October 21 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm!! If you can not find your students book online, send Mrs. Johnston an email and I will order it to the school for your child.
    Free shipping to Westmount School if you order with cash or cheque, please contact Mrs. Johnston directly at johnstons@fsd38.ab.ca.


  • Please email Mrs. Sheena Johnston with questions, orders, and for contest submissions EVERY DAY! To see the daily challenges, click here!
  • Watch @westmountfsd for updates throughout the week including local business readers, student readers, books, contests and MORE!