Junior High Option Course Descriptions

*Please note that some option courses have fees associated with them to provide additional supplies and materials.  Listed below is what was charged in the 2018-2019 school year.  2019-2020 school fees will be finalized in August 2019.

3D Design/Coding (Semester 1 only)

  • Learn and use various 3D design programs to develop useful items to be printed on our 3D printers!  Troubleshoot and modify designs to produce functional objects for many purposes.  Use various techniques to finish your project and get it ready to use!  We will learn about various printing technologies and how to adjust some of the settings to help our prints come out the way we want. ($20)

Art (Semester 1 only)

  • This is your chance to experience some really cool artistic techniques and challenge your ideas about art!  Drawing, painting, pastel, printmaking, and sculpture are just some of the art mediums that students will have the opportunity to explore in this option.  You will learn techniques and skills related to art mediums and also learn to talk and think critically about art. ($35)

Concert Band

  • Band offers students a method of self-expression through performance, while at the same time establishes the importance of team work, self-discipline, and dedication.  It is the goal of the band department to foster these qualities and encourage their transfer into other avenues of students lives, to provide the student with the musical knowledge and instrumental technique necessary to make intelligent and aesthetically-sensitive decisions in performance (e.g. blend, pitch, style), to build self esteem, and foster life long appreciation of music and other related arts.  The wind-percussion program is designed as a sequential and developmental approach to music instruction; each level grows from those experiences previously presented. ($75)

Classroom Leaders

  • Do you want to be a leader with younger students in our school?  Sign up to be a classroom leader and be a teacher's assistant.  Help with small groups of students, support teachers with bulletin boards and simple marking, be a reading buddy, organize materials for upcoming learning.


  • An opportunity for students to receive additional supports in completing their academic coursework.

Digital Art (Semester 2 only)

  • Choosing from a large selection of programs, you will learn to create art on computers!  From photo editing/modification to 3D designing to animation, you will develop skills that will prepare you for your digital world, and make amazing visual pieces in the process!  Artists with no computer skills?  Try it out!  Computer people that "can't do art"?  Yes you can, just try it!  Scared of computers and art, too?  We have an app for that!  Join this class! ($20)


  • Drama is designed for students who are interested in developing their acting skills, as well as for those who simply want to build confidence before an audience.  Theatre games help students learn to work with each other and practice specific skills such as the use of their voices, focus, body movement, and characterization.  Students will gain experience in monologues, improvisation, pantomime, readers' theatre, skits, short scenes, and one act plays. ($20)

Fitness/Sport Enhancement

  • Are you looking to advance your overall health and fitness level?  Are you looking to enhance your overall performance for a specific sport?  This class may be an option for you.  This course will offer a variety of fitness and physical conditioning classes that will be designed to increase your wellness and performance in all areas of fitness.  Emphasis will be on learning appropriate exercise techniques as well as general wellness principles.  Students will create and implement a fitness plan that will be geared to their personal fitness goals. ($20)


  • The Foods Class is a compulsory class in which the students have an opportunity and the experience to learn about food, nutrition, food preparation and meal preparation. It is scaffolded from an introductory course in grade 7 to an advanced course in grade 9 and taught in cycles over the course of a school year.

French as a Second Language (Semester 1 only)

  • French as a Second Language is designed for all students to access the French language regardless of their prior knowledge of the language.  The course will introduce you to all that French culture has to offer, such as music, food, movies and more.  You will also learn basics of the French language so you can travel, open up job opportunities, and speak both of our official languages!

Graphic Design (Semester 2 only)

  • Graphic designers create visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers.  They develop the overall layout and production design for various applications such as advertisements and posters, brochures and pamphlets, magazines, and corporate reports.  This class introduces students to graphic design terms, such as line, typeface, font use, etc. as well as concepts such as use of colour, positive and negative space, use of grids and rule of thirds.  Some projects are completed by hand and others by computer. ($20)

High School Jump (Semester 2 only)

  • Would you like a jump start on grade 10?  This course will teach you some of the concepts you will be seeing in either Math 10C or Science 10C.  Learning will be through notes, worksheets, hands on activities, games and movies.  Some of the topics covered will be genetics, trigonometry, kinematics, polynominals, chemistry and some surprise topics.  This class is an opportunity to start learning these topics - a full understanding might not happen this year but it will give you an amazing head start.  If you are ready and excited to learn and currently in Grade 9, this option is for you!

Hunter Education

  • Do you like learning new and exciting things?  Are you interested in combining new and different skills and a love for the outdoors?  If so, this class will be the one for you.  This class will allow for students to properly identify animals and fish, learn about appropriate camp tool use, as well as experience different opportunities such as archery, range shooting, and fishing still and/or moving waters.  Students will be involved in learning the traditions, roles, responsibilities, ethics and most importantly the ecology and conservation of hunting and fishing.  There will be multiple half day and full day trips with the possibility of an overnight trip.  There is a course fee for this class which covers our transportation, guest teachers, gear and facility rentals where applicable. ($136)

Musical Theatre

  • Musical theatre is a fusion of three specialty fields; acting, dance, and voice.  The musical theatre program aims to provide an interactive environment for students who seek the challenge of working through the creative process to performance.  Students will have the opportunity to rehearse, perform, practice choreography with a final performance of a full scale Musical!  Please be advised that there are after school commitments for rehearsals.  If you like dancing, singing and acting, this course is for you! ($35)

Outdoor Leadership

  • Throughout this course students will be actively engaged in various outdoor activities that will be used to foster growth, responsibility and develop leadership characteristics.  Students will be encouraged to strive for the three pillars of our Westmount Outdoor  Education Mission Statement, those being; 1. Play safely in the outdoors and reconnect to nature, 2. Become a steward for the environment, and 3. Develop personal, character and leadership skills.  In each term, students will spend 10-12 days in the field with typically two multi-day/overnight trips.  Students will participate with a variety of outdoor activities such as day hiking, backpacking, rock climbing/bouldering, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, pool kayaking, learning camp skills, Leave No Trace principles, navigation, map/compass work, etc. There is a course fee for this class which covers transportation, guest teachers, gear, permits and facility rentals where applicable.  ($265)

Photography (Semester 2 only)

  • Photography is a great way to get an introduction to or extend your understanding of digital imaging and photography.  Students will explore different avenues of visual communication, self-expression, and creative problem solving through the creation of commercial, contemporary, and fine art.  The elements and principles of design, composition, lighting, and using camera setting to have control over your photographic images will be the basis of our learning.  Learn how to take your photographs to the next level and impress everyone with this very versatile art form!  We will work with both DSLR cameras and smartphone cameras. ($20)

Robotics (Semester 1 only)

  • In this option you will learn the basics of Robotics.  From the definition of a robot to how programming works to designing, building and programming NXT robots. ($20)

Sports Leaders

  • Would you like to develop your leadership skills?  Do you have a sport expertise that you'd love to share with others and help them improve their talents?  Students in the sports leaders class have endless opportunities to be a leader for our Westmount family.  We are looking for students who are interested in planning and helping with our morning BOKS program (Build Our Kids Success) designed for elementary students, run intramurals or sport clubs for the elementary students, set-up and score keep for basketball and volleyball games and organize staff/student games.  Our goal is to develop essential life skills such as organization, motivation, communication and working with others - all of which enable our sports leaders to inspire our Westmount community to live more active and healthy lifestyles.

Westmount Leadership

  • In Leadership class, students develop skills in thinking critically, communicating effectively, and working cooperatively in a group to successfully plan activities and events in our school.  Students are asked to join committees.  Some of the committees include Dances, Special Events, Eco Team and Spirit Days.  In this class we work to build and support the Wolfpack community and in turn, develop our own leadership skills.


  • Students will have the opportunity to design, plan and build a variety of small wood projects.  With a focus on safety and exposure to different tools and techniques, students will work on building their skills to complete increasingly complex projects throughout the semester. ($25)

Yoga and Mindfulness (Semester 2 only)

  • Learn yoga or develop your yoga practice in inclusive classes with a focus on safe, mindful movement that works for you - your body, your needs.  The emphasis is on mindful body awareness that is calming and builds focus while also helping students listen to their bodies and practice yoga safely.