Grade 8 Science


*** QUIZ Monday May 28th ***

Adaptations Assignment- Adapted- Due June 18th

Adaptations Presentation

Adaptations Assignment -Due June 18th

Glacier Terminology and Watershed Powerpoints

Notes for Glacier Development and Watersheds

Homework from Thursday, May 10 - "Understanding how Glaciers impact our Watershed"

Students are to read and define all Bold terms from pages 375-385.  The terms are...

1. Glacier         

2. Ice Cap

3. Ice Field

4. Valley Glacier

5. Continental Glacier

6. Icefall

7. Crevasse

8. Pack Ice

9. Iceberg

10. Calve/Calving

11. Striation

12. Cirque

13. Arete

14. Horn

15. Moraine

16. Outwash

17. Esker

18. Meltwater

19. Millwell

20. Ice Ages

21. Till





Mix and Flow of Matter/Fresh Water & Salt Water Systems

Solubility Presentation

Concentration Presentation

Mix and Flow Notes

Mix and Flow Powerpoint

March 12th, 2018- Trebuchet Lab-  This will be due on March 20th.  You will have a summative assessment either on March 22nd or 26th.  Also listed below are your notes for graphing.

Trebuchet Lab

Notes for Graphing for Lab

Rules for Data Tables

Light and Optics- Project is due on January 22nd.  Students have been givent their assignments already.  Supplementary information and notes from previous classes are listed below for the light and optics unit.

Light and Optics Project

Body Systems Project Due on Thursday Nov 23rd.  Students have been given assignments already.  They know which one they have. Systems Brochure.pdf Systems Brochure- Adapted.pdf