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Grade 4 Music Recorder Videos!

January 24, 2019: 

I guess since the dust has settled on our Xmas Concerts, I should update you once again on what we are doing in Music classes! First off though, I would just like to take the time to thank all of the amazing support from everyone who assisted with "Fa La La Land." It's been a busy start back after our break, and your children have been working hard on some very specialized material! See the breakdown below by grade level! 

Kindergarten/Grade 1 Music: 

We have been focusing on using our best singing voices to complete a song using a variety of languages. The students have been learning and using French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and Korean to say "hello" while at the same time learning a song called, "One Big Family." We have been talking a lot about the different types of people and cultures that are around the world, while at the same time learning our song. This has been a great unit so far for this group, as they have enjoyed learning about the different ways of greeting people and then implementing what they know into our song. The song lyrics go: "Everyone comes from a different place, everyone has a different place, everyone does different things you see, but together we are one big family!" Then the children break into their greeting groups and have a little dance welcoming people to come and join them using their different languages. 

Grade 2 Music: 

We have been focusing on studying Mozart...with a twist. We are doing a unit called, "Fun With Composers" where the children are learning about Mozart through the song "Marriage of Figaro". The reason that there is a twist is that with our updated version we learn about a chef named Figaro and there are lyrics to this famous symphony. Students have learned the importance of different speeds throughout this song, as they have been practicing conducting, playing different rhythms and acting and singing this different version. Please have a listen for yourself, the link is pasted below! This unit will be finished in the next couple of weeks with the students having a competition "Cook Off" where they will be competing in the best telling of Chef Figaro and his famous soup! 

STORY OF CHEF FIGARO: Marriage of Figaro.mp3

INSTRUMENTAL ORIGINAL VERSION: Marriage of Figaro - Inst.mp3

Grade 3 Music: 

The grade 3's have been working on a STOMP unit where they have literally been making music with non-traditional instruments. We started the unit by watching some of a live performace of the famous group where they create music with anything from matchboxes, newspapers and even strap garbage cans to their feet. The students are working in groups to come up with their version of a 1minute STOMP performance where they are using kleenex boxes, cans, cups, water jugs and basically anything I could bring in from my own recycling! 

Grade 4 Music: 

Students have been working on the Djembe drums since coming back at the beginning of January. They have been learning some basic rhythms and learning about the specific importance of the instrument in communication. We are currently working through a unit where they are creating the drum percussion section to specific songs. Today, we worked on: "Don't Worry Be Happy" and each student with a partner came up with what the drum section should sound like, and then performed it for the class. They needed to add in things like dynamics, accents and the different sounds that we have been working on to create this rhythm. We will then move on to them choosing from a selection of instrumental songs of all different genres and creating the drum these songs don't actually have drums in them at all! It will be a bit of challenge, but the students are enjoying using their knowledge of the drum to create something totally new! 

Grade 6 Drama: 

The students have been finishing up their "Infomercials" for products that they created before we took a break over Xmas. They had a pool noodle, a foam dice and a blindfold and needed to create a product! They needed to show me how to use the product, tell me how much it cost, tell me where I could get it and any added information that they came up with on top of that. Overall, we had some very creative products with a number of people wanting to purchase them...which was of huge importance! Now, we are transitioning into our next project which is Myth Creation. We have talked about the elements of storytelling and how your voice can be used effectively to share information. Students have also been exposed to the importance of myths in the FNMI community. Their job is to choose a myth from a list of 30 given in class and come up with the reason BEHIND specific things. Examples include: why do penguins not know how to fly, why Donald Trump's skin is so Orange and why the Mountains have snow on them...these are just a small amount of ones that students are working on (guess which one they came up with themselves!). 



November 12, 2018: 

Hello again! Just wanted to pass along some exciting news about the upcoming Christmas Concerts! The K-4's have started working on their Christmas Repertoire and are very happy to be sharing with you the story of: "Fa La La Land". The Christmas Concert Dates are: Wednesday, December 12th and Thursday, December 13th. The school will be sending out what specific grade groups will be performing at which, so look for that information this week! Below are the lyrics as well as the songs that each group will be performing! Please encourage your child to be practicing at home, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Looking forward to sharing in the Christmas Season with our performance of "Fa La La Land". 

K/1/2/3/4: A Musical Time of Year


Kindergarten/1/2: Music is Our Thing: Music Is Our Thing.mp3

Grade 3/4: Not With Me Not With Me_1.mp3

K/1/2/3/4: Good Good Holiday Feelings Good Good Holiday Feelings.mp3

The Grade 6 Students will also be supporting this concert through acting. As our story requires some actors, who better than those who have been a part of the Drama Option! As of now, I have about 15 students who are interested in participating, as this is not a requirement for all of the Grade 6's. We will be running rehearsals at lunch and they will be an integral part to our performances! The details on this will be finalized this week, and information will be going home to the parents of those who have chosen to partake in this acting opportunity. 


Hello again! 

I just wanted to take the time to update you on the goings on in Music class. I hope that everybody had a GREAT Thanksgiving Weekend...regardless of the snow! 


October 10, 2018: 

There has been a slight change in the Grade 1 routine. Due to the fact that there are Kindergarten's who need Music as well, Mr. Benson and I have come up with a combination of classes. Mrs. Deguire & Mrs. Mayer's class are in with Mr. Benson for Music and Mrs. Mosher/Mrs. Suresh-Mills' class have been combined with Mrs. New's Kindergarten class and are in with me! This is a great opportunity for the Grade 1's to work with the Kindergartner's and have a leadership opportunity, which they have greatly enjoyed. This change took place at the beginning of October, and it has been working very well! We are going to be continuously working on recognizing certain types of Music, while still understanding the need to change our voices to sing certain songs. 

September 20, 2018:

The grade 1’s have been focusing on routine building through learning a song to start and finish Music. They have been learning about tempo and how Music can be fast, slow and medium speeds. We have also discussed volume and how to use our singing voices to make a song soft or loud. They will be learning how to recognize different notes using Ti-Ti and Ta’s as well as learning how different notes work together to build different rhythms. 


October 10, 2018: 

The grade 2's have been focusing on tempo and keeping the beat using different methods...including Fly Swatters! We are working together to come up with different ways of singing and how that changes our voices. They have also been diligently working on identifying different notes, and how they are used to change the sound in the song. You are strongly encouraged to ask what a "Great Big Whole Note" means! 

September 20, 2018:

The grade 2’s are working on reviewing concepts from grade 1 including basic elements of Music. Through singing/clapping rhythms they have been able to identify specific tempos, and show their understanding of Ti-Ti and Ta’s. They will be building on this knowledge through using different instruments to work with these concepts to further understanding. 


October 10, 2018: 

The grade 3's are continuing their work on recognizing different parts of a song through their understandingn of "form". They have been able to identify how a piece of music is made up, including the chorus. We have been having lots of fun with rhythm play as well, through the use of games that allow them to use their knowledge of form! They even identified the chorus of the classic and infamous Justin Bieber's, "Baby" much to my enjoyment and some of their chagrin. 

September 20, 2018:

The grade 3’s are furthering their understanding of different elements of Music. They have shown a great deal of excitement towards the variety of songs we have been working on. They will be working next on understanding how a song is formed using an ABC pattern. They will recognize what parts are repeated and what parts are different and how they contribute to the creation of a song. 


October 10, 2018: 

The grade 4's are using their understanding of scale and Solfa to assist them in their learning of Ukulele's! They have been taught the different parts of a Ukulele, given a bit of it's history and most importantly have learned to play 2 songs! We have been focusing on the strumming pattern and using the "C" chord to create Music. We will be continuing with these instruments through October before moving into preparing for our Christmas Concert! 

September 20, 2018:

The 4’s are diligently working on understanding notes on a scale through the use of Solfa (do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do). They will then be using their understanding of Solfa note technique to assist in learning to identify Music notes on a Treble clef. This will assist with them learning to read music while singing and playing instruments. 


October 10, 2018: 

The grade 6's in Drama have just finished working on the creation of their "Mock Talent Show". They were tasked with coming up with the name of a Talent Show, having 3 judges (Nice Judge, Sassy Judge and Random Facts Judge...a la American Idol/X-Factor), and having 2-3 performances. These performances could have been anything, from best pretend video game players to showing me their dance moves! As long as they committed and focused during the performance, the more ridiculous, sometimes the better! The project that they are now working on, is Melodrama - the art of being over the top! They will be working on developing specific characters and understanding stereotypes in performance through their Melodrama study. They will be taking on different scenarios using 5 standard characters: The Hero, The Person in Distress, The Villain, The Evil Henchman and The Hero's Sidekick. We will be continuing working on these throughout the month of October, as I only see them every second day. In November, we will be working toward preparation for the Christmas Concert! Since the grade 6's are in the Drama Option, they will have the option to audition for specific speaking parts that will be highlighted in our December Christmas Concert. More info to follow! 

September 20, 2018:

The student’s in grade 6 have a new opportunity this year in options to take 3 separate classes throughout the year. Of course, they will be getting band, but they will also be getting exposed to drama as well as music. Every second day, students are in with Mr. Benson working with band and then on the other days are in with me working on drama. We will be switching in the second semester to having music every second day alongside band. This is offered as an exploratory option as they will be transitioning into 7 next year where they will be given a variety of different courses. We are very excited to be piloting this, and giving these students more options during their “options” block. 


Welcome to Music for Grade 1 - 4 and Grade 6, with Ms. Sara Cochrane!

Music Grade 5 will be taught by Mr. Steve Benson, and updates can be found on his Band and Jazz page in the Wolf Pack Opportunities tab.

Ms. Cochrane will continue to update this page with all the news for Music students in Grade 1 - 4 and Grade 6.

Hello everyone! 

My name is Sara Cochrane, I'm very excited to be at Westmount School this year! I come to Westmount with 7 years of teaching Theatre/Musical Theatre and am very impressed with the students I have seen so far. In my previous experience, I have taught abroad in China and South Korea as well as working in the Private Sector of Calgary. I am beyond happy to have been added to the team at Westmount, and to be working with such a lovely student population. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time! I know we will have a very successful year in Music, Drama and Musical Theatre.

Ms. Cochrane