Music and Musical Theatre

January 24, 2019: 

I guess since we are back from Xmas, I should finally update information about what we have been doing in Drama 8...with just enough time left in the semester (2 classes). To finalize our time before we went away on break and after our Improvisation unit, students in Drama 8 worked on creating a Movie Trailer. Their job was to create a trailer based on "The Dream of a Westmount Students", and choose from the following genres to assist them in focusing on their creation: Romantic Comedy, Horror, Thriller/Suspense, Comedy and Melodrama. We had some very impressive trailers that were very entertaining to watch, and a great way to finish out our time before the break. 

Since coming back from Xmas, we have been working on Scene Work. Students are in partners/groups of 3 and have been tasked with understanding characters and answering questions related to their Scene. Students were not expected to memorize their Scenes, but they were expected to thoroughly figure out character intention and motivation for what they are doing in the scene and why they are doing it. We have had a couple of performances so far that have gone very well! Students got to use props/costumes, music and basically anything that would enhance their well as their scripts! Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this group of talented actors and actresses and feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to create some amazing pieces of theatre. I hope that they have enjoyed their semester in Drama, and hope to see them next year if there is a Drama 9 option available to them! 


November 12, 2018: 

Hello again! I just wanted to send along a quick update on what the Drama 8 students have been doing in class. With the much anticipated Improv Artist from Loose Moose joining us on Thursday of this week, we have been working on Improvisation. Students will be training with our Professional Instructor on the following dates:

1. Thursday, November 15th: 10:51am - 12:04pm 

2. Monday, November 19th: 12:51pm - 2:04pm 

3. Wednesday, November 21st: 8:40am - 9:53am 

4. Monday, November 26th: 10:51am - 12:04pm 

This training will give students more of an understanding of what it means to Improvise and how it can be effectively used in Theatre. We are very excited to be having an instructor for all of these dates, and on the dates that we are not with him, we will be continuing working on creating and developing Improv ourselves! 

October 10, 2018: 

With the Lip Syncs behind us, the grade 8's have been learning about the art of slapstick comedy. With three specific moves taught to them, they have come up with creating a scene based around high/low status. The most important piece that they have been focusing on is safety, as that is essential in making slapstick believable but still allowing for everybody to feel respected and comfortable! They have learned: the stage slap, the stage stomp and the hair pull and are tasked to create a minimum of 2 minutes where status is represented and they have used all of these moves. We will be finishing our physical comedy unit with SLOW MOTION SCENES! This will be a combination of their overexaggerated movements as well as their slapstick piece. As a group, they have genuinely enjoyed working on Improvisation as well as this is an important piece of theatre. My goal for them before the end of the semester, is for them to train with a Professional Improviser from Loose Moose Theatre in Calgary. The professional will teach invaluable lessons about all aspects of Improvisation! If you have ever seen "Kim's Convenience" on CBC you may be familiar with a character that made his start at the Loose Moose. Information on those dates will be given as soon as I have them, but have no fear student's will not be missing classes or having to leave campus as they offer in house sessions. 


Hello again! 

I just wanted to take the time to let you know of the first project that the grade 8's will be working on for the semester! We are going to be starting our first unit of Physical Comedy! This will include: slapstick, physical theatre, mime/pantomime as well as our first project which is Lip Sync. 

Today, students were taught basics of Physical Comedy (using facial expressions, and overexaggerated movements) and watched some examples of Lip Sync's from The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon. We talked about certain principles of comedy and why physical comedy is funny. Their assignment involves them choosing a school appropriate song that they can "throw themselves into"...almost quite literally. When I see them next, they will be working on the physical performance elements of this particular song and hopefully next week will be performing for their peers. 

Throughout the year in Drama, we will be focusing on units involving: Character Creation, Physical Comedy as well as breaking down elements of Theatre through a variety of scripted works and performances. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at:


Welcome to Drama 8, and the 2018-19 School Year, with Ms. Sara Cochrane!  Regular updates to this page will keep you up-to-date! 

Hello everyone! 

 My name is Sara Cochrane, I'm very excited to be at Westmount School this year! I come to Westmount with 7 years of teaching Theatre/Musical Theatre and am very impressed with the students I have seen so far. In my previous experience, I have taught abroad in China and South Korea as well as working in the Private Sector of Calgary. I am beyond happy to have been added to the team at Westmount, and to be working with such a lovely student population. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time! I know we will have a very successful year in Music, Drama and Musical Theatre.

Ms. Cochrane