Band and Jazz

Planning for the Outdoor Spring Concert and Picnic, Tuesday, June 6

We have begun the planning for the Outdoor Spring Concert and Picnic!

Sobeys Beef on a Bun, salads and pop/water will be on the menu!  There will be more bands this year and a Cake Walk!

Band students will be responsible for assisting with the organization and facilitation of the event, including set up, serving and clean up.

Parents, please plan to bring a salad. Please volunteer to help support the students in set up, serving, and clean up. As well, we need a few parents to sit at the table to collect the meal tickets and such.

Families, can you donate an item for the draws?  Tickets will be sold at the event.  You may want to donate a small item for a draw, or work together with other families to donate an item.

Cake Makers: If your student would like to donate a cake, this is information for YOU! We would like to have as many cakes as possible to have at the Cake Walk – what’s a cake walk you ask?  Check out this link: What is a Cake Walk? Your student will work with 1 or 2 other students to create their masterpiece (cake, pie, cupcakes, cheesecakes …anything they want to make).  They can make their dessert at home OR they can bring their cake ingredients and stay after school on Monday, June 5 to bake a cake (cake or cupcakes only at this prep time) with Mrs. Johnston and Mrs. McWhirter (volunteer parents needed please).

They can decorate their cake at home OR at lunch time on Tuesday, June 6 in a one hour MASTER CHEF decorating frenzy!  Using their design plan and ingredients, Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. McWhirter and volunteers will be available to support the students as they work frantically to make their cakes AMAZING!

The same night, at the picnic, all families will have a chance to WIN DESSERT by purchasing a ticket for the cake you wish to win in the Cake Walk. This is an old tradition and is sure to bring fun and laughs, and some wonderful sweets to enjoy during the concert!

Chat with your student and find out if this is something they would like to participate in.  Tell Mrs. Johnston at the front office, and then start planning. It’s all about the kids having fun and feeling proud of their work!

A Band Tradition in the Making – Outdoor Spring Concert and Picnic, Tuesday, June 6

As mentioned at the Spring Concert, the Grade 6 – 9 band students will be hosting the upcoming Outdoor Band Concert and Picnic on Tuesday June 6, 2017.

The culture of the band students is unique. They are natural leaders. They are dedicated. They are reliable.

Westmount School staff, especially myself, are proud that the band students perform, volunteer, and travel in a respectful and mature style. They still manage to have fun and collect memories, and you can see their pride in their successes.

It is with this perspective, that I would like to hand the annual Outdoor Concert and Picnic over to the band students to organize and facilitate. A tradition in the making.

With the help of myself, Mrs. Sheena Johnston, and a crew of parents (Sheena is looking for volunteers), the students will form teams and brainstorm ideas to have a successful event. Including the first CAKE Walk!

You and your student will begin to receive emails regarding their participation in the event. For now, start talking to your student about their participation, and whether or not they would like to use their creative skills in decorating a cake to sell at the auction.

More information to follow and thank you for your continued support of the band program,

Mr. Jeff Graham

Alberta Band Association  – Red Deer, May 10, 2017

Grading at band festivals ​is a 5 point system – Superior, Excellent, Good, Fair and Poor. They are graded using a large rubric evaluating many things from tone, ensemble sound, musicality, to even stage presence.

Gr 7’s received marks of Excellence from all judges in performance, clinic and fundamentals clinic. So ended up with an overall grade of Excellence. For where these students were two months ago I’m very happy with that! Well-deserved and very excited to see their growth over the next 2 years!

Gr 8/9 had an amazing performance!!!! Can’t speak highly enough about these students. Mature beyond their years. They received Superior’s from all judges for performance and clinic… their sight reading judge marked them as a Good. This brought their overall mark down to an Excellent +
I can honestly say I was a little disappointed with that grade. But I always say, it’s kinda like figure skating, you never know what judge you’ll get or what they’re thinking!

I’m very proud of the students performances and the way they conduct themselves!

J Graham

Alberta International Band Festival – March 13

Hello Grade 8/9 Band parents.

Just wanted to congratulate you and your students on a fine performance at the Alberta International Band Festival held in Edmonton on March 13!

The week before, our Grade 7/8/9 students had an excellent time at Camp Caroline preparing with clinicians and the amazing Brent Pierce as their guest conductor. Everyone was impressed with their attitudes and musicianship!

The following week the Grade 8/9 students headed to Edmonton to participate in Alberta International Band Festival. While their performance wasn’t a personal best they still received top marks from both Adjudicators! With that they have received a GOLD AWARD for their superior performance!

This is once again quite the accomplishment! Not many bands receive a Gold award!!

So proud of these students and the music they make.

Thank you for your continued support!  Mr. Jeff Graham

Alberta International Band Festival Performance:

Grade 8 and 9 Band Students performed three beautiful pieces at the Alberta International Band Festival.  Please enjoy their performances below:

Overture On a Shaker Tune

We are looking forward to another exciting year of band events:

October 13, 2016: Band Concert and Camp Caroline Information Session – Grades 7/8/9
November 2-6, 2016:  Chinook Band Festival
November 9, 2016:  Westmount Remberance Day Service
November 22, 2016:  Jazz Night – Westmount Gym
December 14, 2016:  Christmas Concert I WES. Gym – 6/7 Band (1,3,5 A&B)
December 15, 2016:  Christmas Concert II WES. Gym – 8/9 Band (2,4,5 C)
March 6-7, 2017:  Camp Caroline Grade 7/8/9 Bands
March 16, 2017 (tentative):  Grade 7 Band – Alberta International Festival of Bands
March 13-14, 2017:  Alberta International Festival of Bands, Edmonton Gr.8/9
March 22, 2017:  Jazz and Java at FCHS
April, 2017:  TBA Gr. 6 Beginner Band Festival
May 2, 2017:  Spring Band Concert – All Bands WES. GYM
May 10, 2017 (tentative):  Alberta Band Association Provincial Festival – Red Deer
June 6, 2017 (Rainout date of June 7):  Year End BBQ Outdoor Band Concert – Grade 6 to 9 Bands