Welcome to the Westmount Athletics page.  Here you will find information regarding our Wolves Athletics Program.  Take some time to come out and support our athletes as they compete in various competitions around the area.

Westmount School Athletics will be based around the foundations of player growth and development in skill, competitive situations, and a solid foundation of sportsmanship.  Through this we expect to see the growth of an individual in the areas of self-discipline, respect, and most of all competence.

Very important forms are listed on the links below.  These are absolute must haves for our athletes to compete and participate on various teams.  These are master copies.

**There are blank areas for dates and specific teams that will need to be filled in for specific teams, so please read carefully.**



  • Foothills Athletic Council, which is our governing body for athletics in the division has a webpage that can be accessed for information and league standings.  The website is being updated.  We will provide the link when it becomes available.
  • Budgets for athletics that are posted on the divisional website are what was approved by Alberta Education and the Minister of Education for the maximum allowable amount our school can charge.  This is not necessarily the fee that will be charged for the specific season of play.  Westmount School does its very best to keep the cost for inter-school athletics down, but has to take in consideration the cost of various expenses to make our seasons run effectively. 
  • Our teams are listed below.  Please scroll down to your respective sport for information, schedules, tournament draws, and coaches' contact information


  • MAR 9-12
    • Congratulations to the Sr. Boys Basketball team for winning the consolation side of their zone tournament.  A great finish to a successful season.
    • Our 7/8 boys and girls are in their semi finals on Tuesday.  Girls will be hosting Oilfields and the boys will be at Millarville.
  • MAR 2-6
    • Sr Basketball Teams are off to zones this weekend.  Girls play at Westmount and Boys are at Drumheller.  Please scroll down to see the draws under the basketball tournaments
    • Jr. B and Grade 7 playoffs start this week.  Jr. B boys host Heritage Heights on Thursday at 3:45, Jr. B Girls have a bye this week as they finished first, and grade 7 boys will be away location TBD.
  • FEB 24-28
    • Sr. Boys are at OJ on Tuesday for a playoff game
    • Sr. Girls host the winner of JPII/Chestermere on Thursday @ 3:45
    • 6/7 Boys play on Wednesday at St. Francis of Assisi @ 3:45
    • 7/8 Girls play on Wednesday at Westmount instead of Thursday @ 3:45
    • 7/8 Boys play on Thursday at Westmount @ ~4:45
  • FEB 7/8
    • ​​​​​​​Sr. Girls and Boys hosted a successful tournament on the weekend.  Girls went 3-0 and Boys were 2-1.  Thank you to all the scorekeepers for their time and commitment.
    • Jr. B Girls and Boys were in Three Hills and won both of their pools and then the tournament.  Well done coaches and players!
  • FEB 3-7
    • Sr. Boys basketball was at George Freeman School in Strathmore.  The Boys finished fourth in the tournament and worked really hard over the course of the weekend.
    • Grade 6/7 Boys have a game Monday at JPII and Wednesday at STS.  Both starting at 3:45
    • Grade 7/8 Girls and Boys are at Oilfields for a make up game.  Boys play first at 3:45 followed by the girls.
    • Grade 6 Basketball will be at Big Rock School on Tuesday and at Westmount on Thursday.  
    • Sr. Girls and Boys will be hosting a home tournament this weekend at Westmount.  Please scroll down for the draw.
    • Gr 7/8 Girls and Boys will be at Three Hills this weekend on Saturday only.  Please scroll down for the draw.
  • JAN 27-31
    • Congratulations to our Jr. B Girls who finished second and our boys who won the consolation side of their tournament this past weekend.
    • Grade 6's will be at Percy Pegler on Tuesday.
    • Jr A. Boys and Girls are at Chestermere Middle School.  Boys @ 4:30, girls immediately after.
    • Jr. B Girls and Boys are hosting Blackie School, Boys play first at 3:45, followed by girls.
    • Jr A boys are at George Freeman School in Strathmore for a tournament this weekend.
  • JAN 20-24
    • Our grade 6's have their first game of the year on Tuesday.  
    • Our 7/8's will be away at Cayley, girls play first.
    • Our games that were canceled from the cold weather last week have been re-scheduled.  Please make note of them further down with the schedules.
  • JAN 13-17
    • Congratulations to the Sr. Girls on their tournament win in Vulcan.  The Sr. Boys finished second
    • Our Grade 7/8 Girls won the tournament on Jan 18th at the Comp!  Well done Ladies.  Our 6/7 Boys got their first win of the season too at that tournament.
  • JAN 6-10
    • Sr. Teams both play at home against RDL on Tuesday, boys play first
    • Gr. 6/7 Boys are at Meadow Ridge on Wednesday, start at 3:45
    • Gr 7/8 Teams are at Heritage Heights on Thursday, boys play first
    • Sr. Teams are both off to Vulcan for a tournament this weekend.
  • DEC 16-20
    • Congratulations to the Sr. Girls and Sr. Boys Basketball Teams on a successful weekend in Three Hills.  Our girls took home the gold and our boys bronze.  Thank you to the coaches, parents, and athletes on a great weekend.
    • Sr. Basketball teams are at home vs. JPII
    • Grade 7/8 Girls and Boys have their first game at Senator Riley School on Thursday.  Girls play first and boys play second.
  • DEC 9-13
    • Sr. Boys Basketball at OHS on Tuesday
    • Both Sr. Basketball Teams at Three Hills on Sat. Dec 14th for a tournament.
    • Christmas Concerts happening in the gym this week.  Check the practice schedule for availability.
    • Mandatory Parent Meeting for the following teams:  Gr. 7/8 Boys, Gr. 7/8 Girls, Gr. 6/7 Boys on Tuesday Dec 10th at approximately 5:15 in the learning commons at Westmount.  Mr. Jones is coming back from a game in Black Diamond so he might be a bit late.  
  • NOVEMBER 18-22, 2019
    • Basketball tryouts will be occurring this week.  Please pay attention to announcements for details.
    • Grade 7/8 Boys- Wed- Nov 20- 4:30-5:45 pm, Thurs- Nov 21- 7:00-8:15 am, Fri- Nov 22- 7:00-8:15 am
    • Grade 7/8 Girls- Coming very soon!
  • NOVEMBER 9-15, 2019
    • Congratulations to the Sr. Girls Volleyball team as they captured the Bronze at Zones!  Well Done Ladies!  Thank you to the coaches for their time and energy throughout the season.
    • Our Jr B girls are in playoffs this week.  Tuesday they play at RDL.  Good Luck Girls!
  • NOVEMBER 2-8, 2019
    • Congratulations to our Sr. Girls as they embark to zones this weekend in Brooks
  • OCTOBER 21-25, 2019
    • Bus for McMahon will be leaving Westmount on Monday at 8:30 sharp.  You will need to have all of the necessary items for the day- lunch, drinks, clothing layers, etc.
  • OCTOBER 7-11, 2019
    • Flag Football games were canceled week of Sept 30th due to the snow.  Gr 8/9 will be made up week of Oct 7th instead of finals/playoffs.  Finals/playoffs will be played during during the jamboree at McMahon on Oct 21st.  The 6/7 team will not be playing the week of Oct 7-11th as the 6's will be away at camp that week.
    • Tripleball will not be play this week as well.  The grade 6's are away at camp.
  • OCTOBER 4-6, 2019
    • This past weekend saw our Jr. B girls and our Jr. A girls Volleyball teams at away tournaments.  Our Jr. A Girls finished 4th and our Jr. B Girls finished with a bronze medal!!!  Congratulations to all the players and coaches for their hard work so far!



  • Athletes are reminded that if they are playing or participating on multiple teams that they communicate with their respective coaches.  We can make things work with other sports as long as the coaches are kept in the loop and practices are divided equally.
  • We rely on our students and coaches to be able to provide a team.  We need a commitment from our players to see the season through as we make commitments to compete at tournaments and in our leagues.
  • We have corresponding names for our grade levels
    • Grade 8/9- Jr. A
    • Grade 7/8- Jr. B
    • Grade 6/7- Gr. 7


We are pleased to offer the following teams for our basketball season this year.  Grade 8/9 Girls and Boys, Grade 7/8 Girls and Boys, Grade 6/7 Boys and Grade 6 Girls.


Jr. A- Grade 8/9 Girls and Boys

Jr. B- Grade 7/8 Girls and Boys

  • Jr. B Boys will host Heritage Heights on Thursday Mar 5th at 3:45
  • Jr. B Girls have a bye Week of Mar 2-6th.  Will host on Tuesday Mar 10th.

Gr 7- Boys Only  

  • Gr. 7 Boys will be away for a playoff game on Wed. Mar 4th, location TBD.

Gr 6- Basketball



  • Grade 8/9 Girls have a tournament November 29th-30th in Okotoks- TOURNAMENT COMPLETED
  • December 14th, 2019- Grade 8/9 Boys and Girls Three Hills School- Three Hills, Alberta- TOURNAMENT COMPLETED
  • Jan 10/11- Grade 8/9 Boys and Girls at County Central School- Vulcan, Alberta- TOURNAMENT COMPLETED
  • Jan 18- Grade 7/8 Girls and Grade 6/7 Boys at Foothills Composite- TOURNAMENT COMPLETED
  • Jan 24/25- Grade 7/8 Girls and Boys at Senator Riley School- High River, Alberta- TOURNAMENT COMPLETED 
  • Jan 30/Feb 1- Grade 8/9 Boys at George Freeman School- Strathmore, Alberta- TOURNAMENT COMPLETED
  • Feb 7/8- Grade 8/9 Girls and Boys at Westmount School- Home Tournament- TOURNAMENT COMPLETED
  • Feb 8- Grade 7/8 Girls and Boys at Three Hills School- Three Hills, Alberta- TOURNAMENT COMPLETED
  • Feb 13- Grade 6 Wind up tournament at Aldersyde Field House- Aldersyde, Alberta- TOURNAMENT COMPLETED
  • Mar 6/7- Grade 8/9 Zone Championship: Girls hosting at Westmount- Okotoks- DRAW, Boys at Drumheller Valley Secondary School- Drumheller, Alberta- DRAW


  • Grade 8/9 Girls- Dawn Watkins:, Lana Gwilliam:
  • Grade 8/9 Boys- Craig Jones:
  • Grade 7/8 Girls- Shauna Laubman:, Dean Fischer.
  • Grade 7/8 Boys- David Baker, Teacher Rep: Deb Sorensen:
  • Grade 6/7 Boys- Randy Hillmer, Teacher Rep: Stacey Epp:
  • Grade 6 - Lisa Snyder, Henry Schellenberg, & Craig Jones:,



This is a live document!  This will change periodically due to the availability of the gym and of the coaches.  Please keep checking on a regular basis.




Our Volleyball and Tripleball seasons have concluded.  We thank the coaches, athletes, and parents for all of time they devoted to the season.  Congratulations to our Sr. Girls who captured the Bronze Medal in their zone championship!!  Well Done Ladies!!

We are pleased to offer volleyball or tripleball for our student body at the following levels: Jr. A Girls, Jr. B Girls, Grade 6/7 Girls.

SCHEDULES- Please click on the link below for your respective team:

Jr. A (8/9) Girls

Jr. B (7/8) Girls

Tripleball Boys and Girls - Recently Updated as of October 1, 2019.  There will be no triple ball games the week of Oct 7-11.  The grade 6's will be away at camp.




TOURNAMENTS- Please note the following tournament dates and respective levels of the teams who are participating in them.  Draws will be posted as they are received. 

  • Sept 28, 2019- Crowther Memorial (Strathmore, AB)- Jr. A Girls (8/9)  -Tournament Completed.
  • Oct 4-5, 2019- George Freeman (Strathmore, AB)- Jr. B Girls (7/8) - Tournament Completed.
  • Oct 5, 2019- Three Hills (Three Hills, AB)- Jr. A Girls (8/9) Tournament Completed
  • Oct 25-26, 2019- St. Francis of Assisi (DeWinton, AB)- Jr. A Girls (8/9) Tournament Completed
  • Oct 26, 2019- Three Hills (Three Hills, AB)- Jr. B Girls (7/8) Tournament Completed
  • Nov 8-9, 2019- Zone Tournament (Brooks, AB)- Jr. A Girls (8/9)


  • Dawn Watkins and Tammy Archer- (Jr. A- 8/9 Girls)
  • Liv Jacks- (Jr. B- 7/8 Girls)
  • Ava Kinzel & Cara Point- & (Tripleball Girls)
  • Jesse Keller- (Tripleball Boys)


Flag football is now underway.  We will be practicing everyday during the week of Sept 9th-13th.  Our games will be played on Mondays and in most cases we will be playing 2 games per night.  Stay tuned for the practice schedule and the game schedule.  


McMahon Jamboree Schedule

League Game Schedule- Games were canceled week of Sept 30th.  These will be made up week of Oct 7th instead of finals/playoffs.  Finals/playoffs will be played during during the jamboree at McMahon on Oct 21st.  The 6/7 team will not be playing the week of Oct 7-11th as the 6's will be away at camp that week.  


  • Craig Jones- (Grade 8/9)
  • Lisa Snyder- (Grade 6/7)

Our grade 8/9's will be playing against other schools in our athletic council who have the same level of students.  Our 6/7's will be competing in the 7/8 level against other schools.


Our cross country teams are up and running as we speak.  Our season is short and quick with a divisional cross country meet at Strathcona Tweedsmuir School for grades 6-9.  We have a zone competition as well that we are working towards.  We are very pleased to be able to offer cross country to our students in grades from 1-9.

Practices for grades 4-9 will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-4:00pm. 

Practicies for grades 1-3 will be on Thursdays from 3:30-4:00pm.

All students are encouraged to come out and participate, even if it is extra practice.


  • Sept 19th- Westmount In-school Cross Country Meet (Gr 7-9)
  • Sept 23rd- Westmount In-school Cross Country Meet (Gr 4-6)
  • Sept 26th- Grades 4-6 @ Lloyd Park, south of Red Deer Lake School- Races start at 4:00
  • Sept 30th- Grades 1-6 @ Percy Pegler School- Races start at 3:45 so students need to arrive at 3:30
  • Oct 2nd- Divisional Cross Country Meet @ STS (Gr 6-9).  Top 10 finishers from our school meet will race in this meet.
  • Oct 8th- Zone level Cross Country Meet @ STS (Gr 7-9).

Coaches: Please contact the respective coach at your student's grade level if you have any questions.

  • Janey Wooldridge- (Gr 7-9)
  • Graham Campbell - (Gr 4-6)
  • Alison England- (Gr 1-3)
  • Lauren Mosher- (Gr 1-3)